Ann Dunn

Thank you Fidos for giving me a little black Labrador Retriever named Ruby to be my service dog partner. Ruby has made such a difference in my life.  She is my other right arm!  No matter what I need, she is always there to help me. If I am on the floor or sofa, she is there to help me stand up.  If I drop my cane or pencils or pens, she will pick them up for me.  She helps take off my shoes, socks, pants and tops in the evening when my strength is at its low level.  She will even help me pull the covers back on my bed in the evening.  If I need help with the laundry, she can get the clothes out of the washer or pull the laundry basket for me.

I honestly think that she can read my mind at times.  If I am feeling down or just too tired to do much, she will come to me and lay her head in my lap just to be near me and to give me comfort. Ruby has become my Rock and I am so thankful to have Ruby as my partner!