Denise Portis

After getting my hearing assistance/balance assist dog, Chloe, I had the independence and courage to go back to school. I finished my Master’s and am now teaching in a local community college. I would have never been able to do more than DREAM BIG if not for Fidos For Freedom!

Chloe goes to school with me every day. I’m a terrific teacher and she allows me to do what I love doing. I don’t have to worry about things I may drop that I cannot reach, nor sounds I may not hear.

She allows me to be independent and to do a job that brings immense personal satisfaction!

Fidos For Freedom trained me too! I learned so much about obedience and assistance dog training and it gave me the confidence I needed to handle a specially trained dog. I learned all about the ADA and laws that protect my rights as an individual with disabilities who has a service dog.