Therapy Dog Testing is done to ensure that your dog is well-mannered and under control. Good temperament, good health, and basic obedience skills are a must for healthcare or school facility visitations. We offer therapy dog testing every 6 months. Testing is announced on our website and through our notification email list (see below). You will be asked to provide copies of all current shots/titers for each dog you bring in for testing. There is a charge for this test, to help defray our costs.

The test is divided into sections:
  • Pre-Interview – Once our Therapy Dog Testing dates are announced and we have received your request for an appointment, you will be contacted via telephone for an interview. This is an opportunity for “newbies” to ask questions about Fidos and our Therapy Program as well as our requirements for joining the program and maintaining your participation.
  • Temperament – Therapy dogs must be able to react appropriately in a wide variety of circumstances. They must pass all of these:
    • Observation of dog (dog is placed in an enclosed area)
    • Reaction to a stranger’s approach
    • Reaction to handling by stranger (sudden movements, rolling dog on back, brushing dog, playing tug etc.)
    • Reaction to ball and unusual object
  • Obedience – Dogs 8 months and older must pass at least 3 of the obedience exercises in order to be able to participate in training classes at the Fidos facility. All dogs must pass the meet and greet portion of the test on testing day. They have 60 days to complete remaining exercises and must pass all of them before they can begin visiting.  Please note: Dogs under 8 mos of age will be tested on a case by case basis. Dogs must have full set of shots and be socialized enough to visit the Fidos facility. If accepted into the program; then puppies have until they reach 8 mos of age to finish all 5 obedience requirements below.
    • Heel on loose leash
    • 2 minute sit-stay – Greyhounds are exempt
    • 1 minute visiting stand-stay
    • 5 minute down stay
    • 6′ recall
    • Meet & greet *interact with strangers and therapy dogs
Testing Dates

Therapy Dog testing is usually done in the Spring and Fall. If you would like to be notified when our next testing date is, please send us an email at You will ONLY receive email from Fidos letting you know when our next testing will be.