The Fidos For Freedom Therapy Dog Program sends specially trained, well-mannered dogs to provide emotional and physical benefits to many people in the community.  The volunteers and their dogs bring unconditional love to patients in various health care facilities throughout our community.   The Fidos Therapy Dog Program continues to deliver patient therapy on a weekly and monthly basis.

Each type of facility addresses the needs of a different section of the community.

The dog’s skills are often matched to the type of facility and the needs of the patients.  The variety of facility types showcases the broad skill range of the Fidos Therapy Dog Program. Each month the scheduled visit is showcased on facility bulletin boards and calendars.

Patients look forward to snuggling and kissing with new friends (unconditional love is hard to beat); the staff appreciates giving patients a break in their routine; and family members welcome visitors to brighten the day. Everyone looks forward to our monthly visits!

The people we visit tell us over and over again how much the therapy visits mean to all who get to be a part of the experience.  The facilities we visit tell us how residents or patients eagerly await the dogs visiting every month and how it brightens what for some is a very difficult day or time in their lives.  The Fidos Therapy Dog Program continues to strive to bring therapy, warmth, and good old fashioned happiness to all we touch and hope to do so for many years to come.